DNA of MUSIC is a project of
Associazione Culturale Clabs

The Clabs Association is convinced that through knowledge the necessary changes can take place to improve the quality of our life, therefore it promotes the creation of synergies with research for the realization of audiovisual and experiential projects that help scientific dissemination.

CLabs aims to start from our territory to generate and promote innovation and social development, cultural and scientific dissemination looking for the best means to transmit its contents by combining art, technology but also through non-formal education.

Who do we turn to? We try to make our contents accessible to all and everyone in a transversal way according to the target of the reference project!


DNA of MUSIC for

We are proud to be part of the ETH BiodivX team, a finalist in the international XPRIZE Rainforest competition.

Our team consists of a dedicated group of scientists, researchers, and conservationists who have combined their expertise to address the challenge of preserving the vital and delicate ecosystem of the rainforests.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, we work to develop innovative solutions that can contribute to the protection and promotion of rainforest biodiversity. Our goal is to find sustainable and effective ways to preserve these rich natural areas, ensuring their future and that of the species that inhabit them.

We are determined to use our knowledge and skills to help find successful solutions for rainforest conservation and make the world a better place for future generations.




Andrea Desiderato

Ideation and scientific editing

Luca Desiderato

Art Director

Serena Mucciolo

Biologist – Scientific editorial

Lorenzo Monti

computer scientist

Mattia Morleo


Veronica Condello