The cultural association CLABS is part of the BiodivX team with the DNA of Music project, and through a multidisciplinary approach between science and art, we work to develop innovative solutions that can contribute to the protection and promotion of rainforest biodiversity within the international XPRIZE Rainforest competition.

Reportage XPrize 2023 with DNA of Music – ETH BiodivX, finalist xprize Rainforest

During the semifinals of the XPRIZE Rainforest competition, held in Singapore in 2023, we applied our knowledge to create a sensational blend of science and music. Some of the DNA sequences sampled during the competition were turned into musical notes using the DNA SONIFICATION algorithm; this allowed us to translate scientific language into a genuine musical composition.
We had only 48 hours to complete this creative and engaging challenge. In this very short time, DNA samples were collected from the rainforest, turned into musical scores, and sent to expert composers.

These composers harmonized the music, maintaining the DNA’s note sequence intact, creating unique pieces representative of the work and research done. This synergy between science and music added a surprising and fascinating touch to the XPRIZE competition, helping us reach the finals, not limiting ourselves to merely scientific data collection but enhancing it through the art of music.

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