Apulian Livingston

DNA of the Yellow-legged Gull

ARPAMARE Award – competition for short films “The sea in a room” (2022)
Short film Apulian Livingstone by Luca Desiderato

Apulian Livingston is the first short film of DNA of Music, produced by Associazione Culturale CLABS and directed by the Apulian videomaker Luca Desiderato.
Inspired by the story “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” (Richard Bach, 1970), we wanted to narrate our land, Apulia, through the life and flight of the most common seagull species on its coasts: the Yellow-legged Gull.
The music of this short film has the flavor of freedom and flight, the feeling of being able to take off into the air just like a seagull: to create it, the genetic sequence of the DNA of the Yellow-legged Gull (Larus michahellis) was translated into notes, later harmonized by the Apulian composer Mattia Vlad Morleo.

What does freedom sound like? Perhaps it has the sound of the Yellow-legged Gull…
Apulian Livingston is the result of studies and research, with the desire to unite art and science.